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Byron Lysonix 3000 Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction System


Byron Lysonix 3000 Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction System is a machine that has the ability to reduce unwanted fat and allow aesthetic contouring in different areas of the body. It is intended for the liquefaction and aspiration of soft tissues and fatty deposits to aid in plastic and reconstructive surgical processes, including liposuction.

The Byron Lysonix 3000 Soft Tissue Aspirator is a technologically innovative system used to assist in Ultrasonic Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) treatment. Using Lysonix in UAL, surgeons are able to more easily and effectively perform liposuction on areas of the body that have long been proven to be difficult to treat, such as the upper back or male breast. Easier removal of fibrous fat deposits, decreased blood loss, faster recovery times.

Byron Lysonix 3000 UAL System Features

  • The Byron Lysonix 3000 is the next generation of precision ultrasound and now features a new dimension of control.
  • The Lysonix 3000 allows the user to choose between either continuous or pulsed energy. Pulsed mode: The surgeon is able to choose a pulse option that is best suited for precise application and tissue density.

Byron Lysonix 3000 Ultrasound and Byron PSI 3 Assisted Liposuction System

  •  Includes:

    • Byron Lysonix  Ly-300 Unit
    • Byron Liposuction Unit PSI-TECH III
    • 2 Power cords
    • Foot Pedals
    • Lysonix 3000 Hand Piece
    • Lysonix 3000 Hand Piece Cable
    • 2 Cannulas  Wrench 
    • 2  Long Glof Tip Cannulas
    • 2 Long Bullet Tip Cannulas
    • 2 Short Golf Tip Cannula
    • One (1) Year Warranty                   
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