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Introducing the Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC Vet-Sur, a fully refurbished electrosurgical unit designed for precision and efficiency in veterinary surgeries. This unit comes equipped with brand new accessories, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for all surgical procedures. With its advanced technology and ergonomic design, the Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC Vet-Sur provides veterinarians with the tools they need to deliver superior patient care. Whether performing delicate soft tissue surgeries or more complex procedures, this unit offers consistent and controlled energy delivery for optimal tissue healing and minimal scarring. Trust in the quality and performance of the Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC Vet-Sur for all your veterinary surgical need.


Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC Vet-Sur Veterinary ElectroSurgical Unit

  • Includes :

    • Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC Vet-Surg Electrosurgical Unit
    • Hospital-grade Power Cord
    • Ellman Handpiece ( adjustable to multiple tips)
    •  Foot pedal
    • Ellman Ground Plate and Cable  
    • One Standard Electrode Set 3/32 Shaft
    • One Standard Electrode Set 1/16 Shaft
    • Ellman Bipolar Forceps Cable
    • Two  Ellman Reusable Forceps
    • One-Year Warranty - Parts and Labor 

    Ellman Surgitron FFPF EMC Vet-Surg Features

    • Reduced surgical time Improved visibility of operative field
    • One device from incision to closure
    • Maximized hemorrhage control
    • Pinpoint coagulation in a wet field
    • Maximum patient safety
    • Minimal tissue alteration
    • Minimal burning or charring of the tissue
    • Bacteria-free Incisions

    Ellman Surgitron Specifications

    • Dimensions: 8″ x 9″ x 6″
    • Weight: 9 pounds
    • Consumption: 90 W RMS | 140 W Peak
    • Electrical Info: 110 – 120 V | 50 60 Hz
    • Output Frequency: 3.8 MHz
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