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The Welch Allyn SE-PRO-600 ECG Module Welch Allan is first PC-Based EKG machine to hit the market. The SE-PRO-600 helps turn any laptop or PC workstation into a 12-lead resting ECG system. With the SE-PRO-600 you’ll be able to preview real-time waveforms of your patient to help prevent repeated ECGs saving you both time and money. You’ll also be able to save additional money by printing using standard plain copy paper and a standard inkjet printer. Utilize Welch Allyn’s MEANS and PEDMEANS interpretative software to help clinically diagnose all patients with confidence. Welch Allyn MEANS and PEDMEANS interpretive software include several statements from different categories like reasoning supporting the statement, a conclusion, and an indication of the severity of the ECG report. The SE-PRO-600  helps ensure clear waveforms using Welch Allyn’s muscle tremor filter and digital ECG module, it also helps keep waveforms crystal clear and boasts sampling rates of 600 samples per second. All standard Based resting ECGs include MEANS interpretive software, Cardioperfect workstation software, USB cable, and acquisition module.

Welch Allyn Cardio Perfect SE-PRO-600 ECG Module

  • Includes :

    - Welch Allyn Cardio Perfect SE-PRO-600 ECG Module

    -  Welch Allyn EKG cables

    - USB Connection Cable For Welch Allyn Cardio Perfect SE-PRO-600 ECG Module

    - 10 Aligator ECG clips

    - Warranty: 6 months

    Welch Allyn Cardioperfect PRO Recorder SE-PRO-600 Features

    • Help improve productivity with the ability to access and email reports
    • Expedient consults and referrals due to report accessibility from office or home
    • Review all different tests performed on a patient with the click of a button
    • Customize user profile and security settings
    • A large display shows testing information in a format that makes analysis easy
    • Acquire, interpret, and trend test results for comprehensive patient management
    • Free audit trail for HIPAA compliance programs to help reduce risk
    • Standardize and add other Welch Allyn modules as your practice grows
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