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The Welch Allyn Diagnostic Cardiology Suite now includes ECG and spirometry capabilities, helping you shorten the path to diagnosis for improved patient outcomes. Simplify clinical workflows, reduce manual data entry, and minimize complexity with one device that can perform two reimbursable tests. The flexible platform allows you to adapt the Diagnostic Cardiology Suite to meet your clinical needs — whether you want to perform both exam types, or prefer a standalone ECG or spirometry solution. We’re combining operational experience with clinical excellence to bring you one solution for two.


The suite's software is a key component of its effectiveness and efficiency. The Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation software provides a centralized platform for managing and analyzing patient data. This ECG system allows for seamless transmission and storage of ECG and spirometry information, ensuring data integrity and accessibility. The software also offers powerful analysis tools, customizable report templates, and integration with electronic medical record systems for enhanced workflow efficiency.


The Diagnostic Cardiology Suite with ECG & Spirometry from Medical Device Depot, a best medical equipment supply store, is designed to be user-friendly and ergonomic. The ECG suite's components are compact and lightweight, allowing for easy mobility and efficient use of workspace. The ECG suite's intuitive interface and seamless integration of components reduce the learning curve and enable healthcare providers to quickly and efficiently perform diagnostic tests.


The Welch Allyn Diagnostic Cardiology Suite with ECG & Spirometry is a comprehensive solution for healthcare professionals seeking accurate and efficient cardiac and pulmonary testing capabilities. With its advanced features, user-friendly design, and powerful software, this ECG suite enhances diagnostic accuracy, workflow efficiency, and patient care. Invest in the Diagnostic Cardiology Suite to optimize your diagnostic capabilities and provide superior care to your patients. Order from our medical equipment supply store today.

Welch Allyn Diagnostic Cardiology Suite PC ECG

  • Includes: 

    • Diagnostic Cardiology Suite (Connex Cardio) PC-Based ECG
    • (1) 10-Lead Patient Cable
    • (10) Snap Clips
    • (50) Electrodes
    • (1) UTK USB receiver
    • Remote Software Instatalation service
    • User Manual

    Welch Allyn SpiroPerfect Spirometer  Features

    • Fast, reliable pre-/postbronchodilator FVC, SVC, and MVV testing with automatic interpretation and reversibility analysis.
    • Instantly verify the quality and variability of test performance and compare previous tests using the trending tool.
    • Motivate children with incentive graphics.
    • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination with single-use disposable transducers.
    • Easily monitor, review, store, and print on your computer with Welch Allyn CardioPerfect™ Workstation Software.
    • Interface with EMR or patient management systems for onsite or offsite review of key data.

    Welch Allyn Cadiosuite ECG Specifications

    Features and Benefits

    Captures best 10 seconds of ECG data from memory, which helps reduce need for repeat ECGsSupports HL7 and optional DICOM communication

    ECG complies with ACC, AHA and HRS recommendations for adult/pediatric patients

    Easily access prior spirometry exams to monitor treatment plans over timeRepeatability criteria provides feedback and opportunities for exam coaching ECG and spirometry applications launch directly from the EMR

     ECG in as few as two clicksVERITAS® ECG algorithm limits filtering to help show critical waveform dataSave PDFs to any network folderHelp perform spirometry exams correctly with an incentive screenChoose between the innovative WAM™ wireless acquisition module or the AM12™ acquisition module

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